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Keders connect profiles with fabrics and are used in many different applications : large tent constructions, awnings, sails, hight speed rolling doors, publicity panels,… Keders are made by folding and welding fabric around a flexible core.


Depending on the application, a different kind of keder is used. Coatex offers a large range of different types :

Standard keders

Your keder

 At Coatex, we produce on order basis, and can supply on short terms. Should a particular keder "not exist" , just ask us. Our challenge is to provide you with the keder you want.



  • Core : 3---15mm
  • Weld : 3---70mm (others on request)


  • Single sided PVC 1100 Foto
  • Single sided PVC 1100 Panama
  • Single sided PVC 1670 Panama
  • Single sided PVC 2200 Panama
  • Double sided PVC “


  • Standard: White, Light and Dark Grey, Alu, Black
  • Others : on demand


Multiple possibilities