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World market leader in kaders, laser cutting, welding and complexing of technical textiles, films and foils

Cutting & Slitting

At Coatex, we offer different solutions to respond to your cutting or slitting needs : Straps, regular or irregular shapes, all kinds of materials, Coatex offers a full cutting and slitting service. We operate on a range of machines depending on the material and/or the required shape.


Laser cutting

Our CO² laser cutters with 6 unwinding stations allow us to cut most materials into any shape. Our customers can be found mainly in the automotive sector, but we serve also other industries : apparel, ballistic wear, composites,… Our laser have a width of 2350 mm and the up-to-date software allows us to design nestings up to 100m long for optimal efficiency.

Knife cutting

Our knife cutter runs on a system of drag/vibrating knife cutting and drilling, allowing to cut very small shapes and holes. The unwinding system allows us to make mattresses up to 35mm thick, or 100 layers for some fabrics. We cut for different businesses such as automotive, interior and exterior textiles, and many others. Our machine allows a nestings till 10m on a width of 1800mm. The nature of the material determines which cutting technique suits best. 

Razor knife slitter/rewinder

With our 2 slitter/rewinders, we cut full width rolls to straps ranging from 3200 till 15mm! The straps are used for our on production of keders, but also for reinforcement in tarps.