Part of SIOEN

World market leader in kaders, laser cutting, welding and complexing of technical textiles, films and foils

Who is Coatex

Coatex is a solution provider, focusing on processing coated or uncoated fabrics, membranes and materials of all kinds, serving mainly industrial applications. Coatex has great expertise in: cutting, welding, sewing and complexing (through lamination a.o.).

Coatex is located in Poperinge (Belgium) and has been established in 1988 by Raymond Holvoet, a Sioen co-worker of the first hour. Sioen has been investing ever since in new technologies and new applications. The production plant is state-of-the art and comprises high tech machinery and highly skilled and motivated personnel.

The 6 divisions at Coatex are :

  1. Keder

  2. Pond

  3. Slitting & cutting

  4. Automotive

  5. Lamination

  6. Smart & green & others